TALK water bowl

トーク ウォーターボール

Although these porcelain bowls are made to hold water, they can contain pet food too. Each is crafted by hand and glazed in subtle shades of blue and white. Just as no two pets are the same, the hand-drawn motifs on the bowls make each one just as individual. Made in three sizes, the bowls can easily accommodate your pets’ needs. Pair two different sizes together to create a sleek set of food and water dishes.


  • Porcelain 磁器


  • Small |
    Height 3.8 cm
    Outer diameter 12.5 cm
  • Medium |
    Height 4.3 cm
    Outer diameter 15.5 cm
  • Large |
    Height 6.3 cm
    Outer diameter 18.7 cm

By Shin Murata for Sfera | 村田森