SPROUT grooming brush

スプラウト グルーミングブラシ

This boar-bristle brush is suitable for all breeds. The natural bristles complement the dog’s own fur, soothing tangles and improving the coat’s texture and appearance. Whereas harsh synthetic bristles may thin the fur and sometimes irritate the skin underneath, natural bristles promote a lustrous and shiny coat. The bristles are flexible, following the contours of the dog's body as the brush moves over the fur. Crafted with a wooden handle, this brush is comfortable to hold and easy to control while brushing.


  • Oiled walnut handle and natural boar bristles
    クルミ、オイル仕上げ 豚毛


  • Height | 4.8 cm
    Length | 14.5 cm
    Width | 6.8 cm

Made by Shoji Morinaga for Sfera|盛永省治