SLEIGH dog bed

スレイ ドッグベッド

Although this sleek dog bed is inspired by classic Japanese containers, its contouring shape and cut-away opening also bring traditional wooden sleighs to mind. Produced by Master craftsman Shuji Nakagawa, the bed is assembled using traditional joinery techniques. Pieces of Japanese umbrella pine are used to create the bed’s oval shape without using any nails at all. The bed is fitted with a custom-made, removable cushion. Sleigh dog bed is a collector’s item, with each one made to order.


  • Dog bed : Umbrella pine
    Cushion : Cotton filling / Additive free cotton fabric
    本 体 : 高野槙
    クッション : 中材 コットン / 生地 無添加コットン


  • White


  • Height | 27 cm
    Length | 56 cm
    Width | 76 cm

Made by Shuji Nakagawa for Sfera |中川周士
Designed by Shigeo Mashiro | 真城成男