SAINTE ANNE dog collar

サンタンヌ ドッグカラー

Developed in collaboration with Parisian leathergoods brand laContrie, a new version of the iconic Sainte Anne unisex bracelet was created for pets. Crafted in laContrie’s signature French calfskin, or finely grained leather kidskin, this collar has the softness and tactility of silk with the strength and durability of leather. The full grain calfskin leather is traditionally tanned to retain a high concentration of oil, ensuring that the leather remains soft over time. The collar features laContrie’s characteristic chevron cuff and classic metal studs. Proportioned to suit a variety of pets, the collars are suitable for dogs of all sizes, and cats too.


  • Black Barenia calfskin with brass studs
    ブラック バレニアカーフスキン × 真鍮製スタッズ
  • Turquoise kidskin with brass studs
    ターコイズ キッドスキン × 真鍮製スタッズ
  • kidskin with brass studs
    クリーム キッドスキン × 真鍮製スタッズ
  • Pink kidskin with black brass studs
    ピンク キッドスキン × 真鍮製ブラックスタッズ
  • Tangerine kidskin with black brass studs
    タンジェリン キッドスキン × 真鍮製ブラックスタッズ
  • Yellow kidskin with black brass studs
    イエロー キッドスキン × 真鍮製ブラックスタッズ


  • Extra Small | 25 cm
  • Small | 30 cm
  • Medium | 35 cm
  • Large | 42 cm

* Lengths indicate neck size when collar is buttoned.
* Widths range from 1.5‒2.5 cm.
* Sainte Anne is a soft collar and not suitable for training or attachment to a lead.

By laContrie for Sfera | ラコントリー