DONUT food bowl

ドーナツ フードボウル

Feeding time is a highlight in every pet’s day. As conscientious owners choose nutritious foods, they can also choose stylish food bowls to serve them in. Exquisitely crafted in cherry wood, the Donut bowl is one of the most stylish pet products available today. Coated in non-toxic Polyurethane, the bowls are stain resistant and are easy to clean. The clear Polyurethane coating makes the surface fully waterproof, enabling Donut to be used for both wet and dry food, or as a bowl for water.


  • Wild cherry wood with a non-toxic Polyurethane coating


  • Small | Height 7.5 cm Outer diameter 18.5 cm
  • Medium | Height 7.5 cm Outer diameter 22.5 cm

By Shoji Morinaga for Sfera | 盛永省治