CHOWTIME JUNIOR dry food caddy

チャウタイムジュニア ドライフードキャディー

Our furry friends enjoy treats and affection in equal measures. This smaller version of the Chowtime dry food caddy provides attractive storage for treats, keeping them fresh and close to hand. Crafted in copper or brass, the caddy is fitted with an airtight lid that makes it both practical and sleek. Produced collaboratively with Kaikado and Shoji Morinaga, the lid is fitted with a walnut handle. Whether used to store dry food or tasty treats, Chowtime Junior is popular among pets and their owners alike.


  • Container : Copper Brass
    Handle : Oiled walnut
    本体 :銅 真鍮
    ハンドル : クルミ、オイル仕上げ


  • Dog
  • Plain
  • Custom-made*


  • Small
  • Height | 10 cm
    Diameter | 7.8 cm
    Volume | 0.3 litres
  • Midium
  • Height | 12 cm
    Diameter | 10.8 cm
    Volume | 0.6 litres

* Custom-made to engrave your pet’s name on the Plain version is available.

Made by Kaikado and Shoji Morinaga for Sfera|開化堂 盛永省治
Designed by Shigeo Mashiro|真城成男